What is this account for?
This account is for the mobile app Photokatsu! On Stage that can be found on the Japanese app store. It is run by three admins who are dedicating their time to bring updates for the mobile app! Photokatsu, and Aikatsu in general, isn't popular in the west like it is in the east. However, this account is for the western fans who play the game and don't have an outlet for information. We are aware of the Photokatsu update accounts on both tumblr and twitter. This account is for the instagram fans. The admins of this account are all friends and will do their best to help. The admins names are Queen, Eyelash Hoe, and Smiling Cow. If you want to speak to any of us directly, please refer to us as our names!
Can I be an admin
Can I have an account?
We do not give away accounts. It is time consuming to grind an account and scout for someone, especially since the admins all have lives. We do not give away accounts so please do not ask. If you want an account with a PR then we wish you luck on scouting or you could try to find a trader who trades Photokatsu accounts. No, we do not know anyone who trades Photokatsu accounts.
When is the next event?
The next event will be on our page as quickly as possible when released. Be sure to check our bio for the limited scout card(s) and events!
Can you help me with (question)?
If your question is for specific advice, then yes, we will help! Dm us and we will do our best to answer your question.
How do I change my username?
You cannot change your username in the game. Once you make it, you are stuck with it. I know, it sucks, but make sure you don't make your name embarrassing and hope to change it in a month because it is impossible for now.
What is the next event/scout?
No idea. Check our bio for the current event/scout. We are not psychics so we cannot look into the future and see if Ichigo is getting her 20th PR.